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07 Apr 2015, in Customers testimonials
ERP agro : négociant en agroalimentaire, le progiciel COPILOTE répond à vos spécificités métier. L’ERP prend en charge la gestion des achats en passant par la traçabilité, l’EDI et la revente.

MICHEL ET AUGUSTIN, a first-class and innovative French food brand, offers savory and sweet cookies, yogurt, as well as gourmet and healthy desserts. This original and daring company has chosen INFOLOGIC to support its development by installing the COPILOTE agro ERP in January 2015. Estelle LEROY, Head of Financial Management, gives direct testimony to this experience.


80 employees + over 80 products

Present in more than 6000 points of sale

50 M € turnover


INFOLOGIC has been a food specialist for over 30 years. This is a major benefit for the company. In addition to an ERP solution that reacts to the problems in the industry, INFOLOGIC has competent teams on site. These are elements that Estelle LEROY would like to come back to.

Dynamic teams

Estelle LEROY is very positive about the ERP project and looks back on the participation of the INFOLOGIC teams. “We are very satisfied with the product, but also with the teams that supported us. We are not constantly aware of each other, but the human aspect is essential in an ERP project and we have found a company with the same attitude as MICHEL ET AUGUSTIN. “.

A solution specializing in the food industry

The fact that the software solution specializes in the food industry is also an advantage for Estelle LEROY: “The long-established membership of INFOLOGIC in the food industry was a decisive criterion for our decision. Their strength lies in the fact that they follow a model that completely is adapted to our business and our way of thinking. This appealed to us particularly at the time of the selection. This saved us a lot of time because we did not have to explain our job to them. In addition, the INFOLOLOGIC consultants advise us as beginners in our field ( MICHEL ET AUGUSTIN has only existed for 10 years) and enrich us with their own experiences. It is a clear plus …




“The EDI module is really one of COPILOTE’s strengths. EDI is becoming a management standard for our customers and suppliers. We had downplayed the importance of integrating EDI with ERP, but now we can see the benefits. We don’t have to turn to an external service provider, we just work with the INFOLOGIC team, which is very responsive. It really helps improve performance and efficiency. The decision-making tool is also an undeniable strength of COPILOTE. Most providers miss this term of simulation, be it in logistics or in management control. It’s also fully integrated into COPILOTE and that’s a real plus. “.


“The strength of INFOLOGIC is the tailor-made adaptation to our profession and the availability of experts who understand our business»



«We used COPILOTE for 100% of our activities in 7 months. It really is an accomplishment. We are very satisfied because the deadlines and budget were met. This was possible because INFOLOGIC is the publisher and integrator of its solution. We have consultants in front of us who have programmed and know our business. It simplified a lot of things. This is one of the great strengths of INFOLOGIC. We wanted to involve everyone internally. It takes time because people do not have the same sensitivity to computers, but the result is very convincing in terms of tool acceptance and efficiency at work. On the other hand, we had a small project team at MICHEL ET AUGUSTIN and, opposite, a small team from INFOLOGIC. As a result, we have not had any information dilution. So we have mastered the needs and the feasibility without major impact. «

We used COPILOTE on 100% of our activity in 7 months. It’s an exploit.



“The implementation of ERP in our company has forced us to improve our management. For example, we have previously outsourced order acceptance. Thanks to the tool, we were able to record it internally. This gives us a much better knowledge of our customers and a better responsiveness. In addition, the tool is very intuitive and ergonomic. No special ERP knowledge is required to get started. The project was therefore very well received by all employees. “.


MICHEL ET AUGUSTIN is extremely dynamic and has achieved spectacular sales growth of 30% every year since it was founded. In this context, the company had to put in place a scalable solution to support its development. The COPILOTE model with no specific version with two-yearly version upgrade is an asset to the information system to keep up with the growth of the company: quick changes without checking the details at the time of the version upgrade.