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The Boyauderie des Alpes testimonial

07 Apr 2015, in Customers testimonials
ERP agro : que vous soyez industriel ou négociant de la filière volaille, le progiciel COPILOTE répond à vos spécificités métier. Il s’adapte à votre process depuis l’élevage des volailles, l’intégration jusqu’à l’expédition de vos produits finis ou semi-finis.

The BOYAUDERIE DES ALPES company, specialist in the manufacturing of mutton natural intestines, has chosen to trust INFOLOGIC, by installing, in 2010, COPILOTE, INFOLOGIC’s business ERP.


« COPILOTE is an ERP specialized in the food supply chain, thus it answers to all our expectations and all the specificities of our activity, not only in term of traceability, but also in term of legislation and acknowledgement of the constraints of our activity. », explains Peter HAENTJENS. « For example, for the health and customs reasons, we should be able to know, at any time, the quality parameters of our products. For intestines, there are 36 quality criteria! We also have constraints in terms of traceability. We have to be able to justify the origin of the intestine and its processing stages, from the raw material to the finished product. Thanks to COPILOTE, this is easily possible. ».