For agile and flexible production, you can record your information automatically by using the MES module of the COPILOTE ERP.


Control of your PLC machines in real time according to the instructions and settings according to product and error limit.

  Control and improve the productivity of your production equipment. This thanks to relevant indicators (OEE for machine failures, management of time stamps for the workforce, etc.).

  Providing a schematic representation of your production in real time, showing the development of your main indicators and sensors with the MES from COPILOTE.

  Control of processes and their conformity: weight controls, control cards, temperatures, gas analyzers, etc.

  Real-time collection of shop floor production data to analyze, control and monitor your indicators for better profitability.

Focus on the OEE performance level

Reduced prices, higher quality, short production times … Improve your productivity thanks to the implementation of COPILOTE’s OEE.

• Detection of downtimes via sensors at the beginning and end of the production line

• Real-time output measurement by line, PO and team

• Detection of production stoppages

• Identification of machine errors / breakdowns

• Monitoring of series changeover times

• Obtaining information from sensors

• Communication with the central server

• Backup of the recorded data in case of network connection problems



•   Allows you to create the basis for your unit cost accounting
•   Cost control: raw materials and labor
•   Establishing production monitoring indicators
•   Allows the implementation of the first level of traceability