INFOLOGIC is partner of Kevin MAYER!


Who is Kevin MAYER?


Born on February 10, 1992 in Argenteuil (95), France. Kevin grew up in La Roche de Glun in the Drôme with his father André, his mother Carole, his brothers Thibault, Thomas and Sébastien, who represent a very important family structure for his personal and sporting balance. From a young age he has been involved in all kinds of sports (tennis, rugby, handball, skiing, etc.) and regularly goes to the gym in his village to train. He started with athletics success and was even crowned regional champion in the youth category in 2005. On the study side, he has a high school diploma and is starting a physical measurement course at the Montpellier IUT which he will put on hold to devote himself to his sports career, with the success he is known to have.


• 2016 : Second in the Olympic decathlon in Rio

• 2017 : Decathlon World Champion in London

• 2018 : World record in Talence (9,126 points)



Documentary about the partnership



History of the partnership

“Even before we met Kevin, we were drawn to the similarities between the decathlon and our activity, because you have to excel in different disciplines.”


INFOLOGIC has always been very involved in the world of sports. In 2015 INFOLOGIC was naturally interested in the young decathlete Kevin MAYER from La Roche de Glun.

Between INFOLOGIC and the decathlon, these are common values ​​that first convinced the company! André CHABERT, President of the company, explains: “Even before we met Kevin, we were drawn to the similarities between the decathlon and our activity because you have to excel in different disciplines. For Kevin these are the 10 disciplines of the decathlon. For us these are the various skills that need to be mastered, such as B. Editing, integration of our software, hosting, equipment and maintenance … the fact that we deal with multiple agro-food sectors and touch on the ‘all-encompassing services of an agri-food company is very similar to the decathlon. And then there is the severity that is essential. “.

It was a real crush between INFOLOGIC and Kevin MAYER! André CHABERT about his meeting with Kevin: “After our first meeting, our desire for partnership was strengthened because we met a young man with strong values ​​that correspond to those of our company: simplicity, challenge, commitment to the local environment. “. Kevin MAYER, Olympic champion in Rio 2016, world champion in the decathlon 2017, also spoke about the choice of this partnership:” What I liked when I met André CHABERT is to meet the same passion as I live it. ” The company signed a partnership with Kevin until the end of his career. That is, a sincere, binding commitment!



Kevin MAYER’s facets

Here is a web series we did with Kevin. In these 7 episodes 7 topics are discussed: performance, endurance, concentration, self-confidence, time management, team spirit and finally passion.

These topics are particularly important to us because they are values ​​that we want to maintain as part of our work at INFOLOGIC.